Drug and Alcohol Screening

MidAtlantic MedTesting is a full service screening company and conducts all types of drug and alcohol testing (urine, oral swab, hair and blood) with over 6000 collection sites nationwide. Utilizing an all-electronic reporting system, Mid-Atlantic guarantees that clients receive results as quickly as possible, usually the next day, while guaranteeing compliance with all federal, state, and local laws are followed.

Mid-Atlantic MedTesting has a wide variety of testing services:    

  • 6-panel DOT Drug Screen including Collection, MRO and Record Maintenance
  • 10-Panel DOT Drug Screen including Collection, MRO and Record Maintenance
  • Oral Tests (swabs)
  • Blood Tests
  • Hair Testing

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Customized Programs  

  • Custom Drug Panels for All Testing Types
  • Guard Panels
  • Full Medical Review Services
  • Electronic Reporting
  • Random Program Management


  • MidAtlantic uses only SAMHSA Certified labs
  • Compliance with all regulations impacting all state and federally regulated industries
  • Over 6,000 collection sites available in the United States

Program Development

Mid Atlantic MedTesting will assist to create a Turnkey Program for your company to become a drug free workplace. A policy is written on your behalf, customized to your needs and specifics of your business. This policy will comply with all federal and state regulations for regulated and non-regulated drug testing. Our consultants will meet your management staff to implement the policy answering questions and addressing concerns. We have developed policies for all types of employers!

What Is A Drug-Free Workplace?

Your Company Qualifies As A Drug-Free Workplace Program Once The Following Components Of The Program Have Been Implemented:

  • Drug Free Workplace Policy
  • Employee Education
  • Supervisor Training
  • Drug Testing
  • Employee Assistance Program