The Process

The Process

Once you have chosen Mid-Atlantic as your employee screening provider, we will establish all necessary accounts so that you can begin the screening process. We will provide you with pre-printed chain of custody forms. Simply fill out the form, provide it to the employee scheduled for testing and have him/her report to the nearest testing center. Employees must present picture identification to personnel at the collection site to establish the chain of custody. Provided the employee reports before 1:00PM a test report should be available the following morning. Positive results may require additional time for review. Reports will be provided via email (PDF). You simply need to designate the responsible employee.

Chain of Custody Forms

We will provide you with pre-printed chain of custody forms. These forms comply with requirements outlined in the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 40 Section 49 that pertains to drug screening. The forms will have your company’s name and the name of the Medial Review Officer (MRO) assigned to your account pre-printed on the form. You simply enter the employee’s identification number, indicate the reason for testing and select the test(s) requested. The typical test is usually a 6-panel urine so we will preprint the appropriate test code on the form. Other test codes can be entered if alternate/additional testing methods are desired. Next, you must enter information regarding the collection center. We will provide you a list of sites near your location so you simply give the employee the chain of custody form and ask them to report to the testing center.

Result will appear in your email in box usually the next morning!

Collection Sites

Your principle collection site will most likely be near your office location. However, there are 6000 collection sites across the country if you would like to select a different site, simply contact customer service, provide a zip code near the desired location and we will provide you an nearby collection site.

Random Program Management

Mid-Atlantic MedTesting provides management of random employee screening programs. In order to begin this process we require a list of all employees subject to random selection. The list must include the full name and identification number (typically social security number) for each employee. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, Mid -Atlantic will send a representative to your location to receive the data. If data is mailed, it must be sent USPS registered mail with return receipt required. In cases where electronic security is assured, email is also acceptable. If possible, Mid-Atlantic would request data to be sent in an excel format.

Random testing is conducted according to your company’s screening policy. It is typically expressed as an annual percentage divided by 12 (months). Once a month (timing will vary) Mid-Atlantic will randomly generate a list of employees selected for screening. The employer will notify those selected to immediately report for testing. Immediately is defined as “as soon as reasonably possible following notification.” This has been defined by the federal government as within 2 hours. However, if you are conducting non- DOT testing, this policy can be modified to match your company’s drug testing policies/requirements.

Following completion of the random cycle you will receive three reports; normally processed test results for all employees selected (positive/negative reports); a list of those who failed to report to the collection site; and a list of those who failed to report in a timely manner.

Back Ground Check

To complement our drug screening services Mid-Atlantic can provide comprehensive pre-employment screening. We offer both a basic and comprehensive package. Please see material included in this package to review report elements. Clients must provide name, date of birth and social security number to Mid-Atlantic. Reports are typically available within 72 hours and can be faxed or emailed.

Customer Service

We hope that you will select Mid-Atlantic to manage your drug screening program and are committed to proving the best customer service in our industry. We know that timely, accurate reporting is critical to your success as well as ours. We have assembled a customer service team that is committed to making